With the aim to deliver goodness and wholesome products to all ages and tastes, Meptico strives to:

  • Provide high-quality food and beverages while maintaining the highest safety standards with its customers and suppliers.  
  • Offer a genuine and authentic taste that delights its customers and enrich their lives. 
  • Adhere to ingredient selection criteria to develop a wide variety of healthy products


    To expand its business around the world, while remaining a dynamic, innovative and proud Lebanese manufacturer.


The Company’s work culture and high business ethics are a reflection of its values:

  • Integrity: Working in total transparency and honesty with its consumers, employees and suppliers.
  • Teamwork: Promoting trust, respect and healthy decisions based on constructive dialogue to achieve great success. 
  • Diversity: Embracing different experiences, perspectives and skills for constant innovation.
  • Social Responsibility: Engaging in and giving back to the community it operates in, regardless of circumstances. 

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